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The Midwest Bruins will be holding tryouts in July and August.  Dates and Locations are to be announced.

18U Fall & Summer Team

16U Fall & Summer Team

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Midwest Bruin Baseball GENERAL INFORMATION:                     *REQUIRED Tryout Registration Form is below.

We are here to help develop player character and hopefully maximize the player’s overall potential — in baseball and in life.  We develop players from the inside out. One of our goals is to provide high school athletes with the physical, mental, and emotional tools necessary to earn an opportunity to play baseball at the collegiate level.  We strive to teach our players the fundamentals and skills needed to help with the transition from high school to college. Along with providing players exposure to college coaches via tournaments and our coaches’ recruiting networks, our players will learn other values including but not limited to: travel behavior, time management, and the importance of academics.

The Midwest Bruins are comprised of 18 years and under aged young men with the work ethic, skills, and desire to pursue the earning of baseball scholarships at the collegiate level.  We currently carry an 18U College Prep Elite Team and a 16U College Prep Developmental Team.  We strive to present the best baseball experiences for our players by providing:
1.)     Quality Coaching/Mentoring – the Bruins are coached and operated by experienced coaches from Smith Baseball Academy (see coaches bios on the SBA website: and other SBA certified coaches.
2.)     Quality Competition- the Bruins travel to as many Division 1 and other college level tournament sites in the Midwest as possible.
3.)     Exposure – the Bruins strive to get players as much exposure to as many college coaches/scouts as possible.  Through SBA, high school coaching, and this summer program, Coach Smith corresponds on a daily, weekly, monthly basis with a large network of college coaches.
4.)     Character/Player Development – the Bruin organization is not solely focused on player exposure/development for our under class athletes.  The program will also focus on character/player development for our older/college committed players as well.  Coaches will coach and mentor with class and players will play with class.  We will strive to keep building on development and provide mentorship for our student-athletes all the way through high school and into college years and beyond — in both Baseball and in Life.  
The Midwest Bruins primary objective is to physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare players for college baseball and/or college life and beyond. We not only want to prepare them to play on a college team, but we strive to prepare them to become major contributors to the success of their college team and community.
The team will not necessarily be comprised of only players that attend the publicized tryouts. We do consider players from other cities, states, etc.
The Midwest Bruins have a budget to pay for team expenses. The team budget includes:
-Uniforms- 2 pairs of pants, minimum of 3 jerseys, hat, socks and belt
-Practice Uniform- T-shirt(s) and shorts
-Equipment- Batting helmets, balls, score books, lineup cards, etc.
-Tournament Entry Fees
-Winter Practice/Facilities at indoor Smith Baseball Academy in Topeka
-Umpire Fees
-Mid-week Game fees
-Practice Field Expenses
-and other team expenses
The teams’ budget does not include, and these items are to be paid for separately by the player:
-Optional Uniforms – Extra hats, pants, jerseys, Parent/Family shirts and Fan Gear, etc.
-Transportation to surrounding area games and most (if not all) Overnight/Travel tournaments will be the responsibility of the Player.
-Lodging at most (if not all) of Overnight/Travel tournaments will be the responsibility of the Player.
-Travel Meals & Entertainment – Each player is responsible for their own meal expenses and entertainment costs at travel locations.  *However, at most hotels, there is a daily complimentary breakfast.

For the SUMMER Program, player fees are estimated at:

     – $1,300 per player for our 18U College Prep elite team

     – $1,000 per player for our 16U College Prep developmental team

 *There are sponsorship opportunities to aid with finances, if you are interested.

Fall Baseball

For interested players, our plan is to offer a Fall Ball program during the months of September/October consisting of 5 – 6 weeks of showcase style games with a weekly practice scheduled during the week.  This is subject to players’ interest and coaches’ availability over the Fall months.  We do encourage our athletes to participate in high school sports/activities in the Fall to help build a full range of mature fundamental motor skills in order to achieve full physical literacy.  College coaches prefer athletes that are well-rounded with multi-sport skill sets.

For players who do play a Fall sport and prefer to focus 100% on their high school sport, or those not interested in committing to a Fall Ball schedule, the use of the SBA indoor baseball cages and tunnels are available at no cost to any current/active Midwest Bruin player.  SBA does offer private workouts and/or private lessons as well during the fall and winter months.

For the FALL Program, player fees are estimated at:

     – $550 per player for our 18U & 16U teams.

Team Winter Training
Organized Midwest Bruin SUMMER Team baseball workouts will be held during the winter months at our indoor Smith Baseball Academy in Topeka — typically held in January and February.  In addition, starting in October, the use of these facilities will be available, at no charge, to any current/active Midwest Bruin SUMMER program player.  SBA does offer optional private workouts and lessons as well.
Summer Practice/Game Schedule
The Midwest Bruin Baseball summer program will begin practice within a day or two after the spring high school season is over.  We will practice or play 2 – 3 times during the week, and then travel to tournaments on the weekends.  Keep in mind, many tournaments begin on Wednesdays or Thursdays.  If the player plans on having a summer job, your work schedule will need to be flexible.  The season will span approximately 8 weeks during the months of June and July.  Practices, games, and tournaments are mandatory – excused only for situations approved by the coaches.  Our program is for the serious baseball player.  We do strive to have a lot of fun, but we are not running a recreational style program.

Typical summer baseball week:

  • Monday:  OFF
  • Tuesday:  Practice or mid-week game
  • Wednesday:  Practice, mid-week game, or tournament start
  • Thursday:  Practice or tournament start
  • Thursday thru Sunday:  Tournament play
Team Kickoff Event
We do have a summer kickoff event at the start of the summer season. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and to bring community support to the organization.  Team photos, activities, food and drink, etc.
Player Promotion and Exposure

There is NO SHORT-CUT  to recruiting and getting yourself noticed as a ball player.  Just like anything else you have worked hard to achieve, it is going to take effort and dedication on YOUR PART!  To help you in your pursuit of college baseball, we do our best to help promote our players by preparing our players mentally and physically via our practices and games and by playing in quality showcase tournaments.  We also do our best to promote the Midwest Bruin Baseball organization, and more importantly, promote the players in the program through social media, our website, and also direct networking with colleges, coaches, etc.



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